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Professional In-Home Dog Training and Dog + Human Matching services. Helping you enjoy life with your happy and well-balanced companion.

Who We Are

Our Mission

We offer dog training tailored to the specific needs of both dog and owner. By helping owners understand their dog’s behavior, we aid in creating and strengthening their bond. We believe that every dog should have a caring, loving, and healthy home. Our training serves to assist every dog owner to participate in and enjoy all of the positive benefits from having a happy, well-balanced dog.

Our Philosophy

Every dog has a different personality and different drives. Training techniques should be adapted to fit the learning needs and drives of each dog. I believe in creating a relationship with them that encourages mutual respect and teamwork. I do this through positive training techniques. I do NOT use choke collars, e-collars, or other tools that assert negative stimulus.

Mandy and Emmett

Our Services

Mandy and Emmett

Private In-Home Training

Private In-Home Training allows your dog and you to learn essential skills in your everyday environment. Every package starts with a consultation appointment and a plan catered to your dog’s specific needs.

Dog + Human Matching

Dog + Human Matching

Dog + Human Matching Services is all about helping you find your perfect canine match. You will receive help every step of the way from finding a dog based on your preferences and lifestyle to helping you prepare your home for their arrival. This service also includes Private In-Home Training!