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Neo’s Journey – Bait Dog to Loving Companion

Rescues have a tremendous impact on the lives of dogs in need. It is impossible to tally up the countless hours their volunteers spend in helping these helpless animals. Today, we focus on a very special pup currently under the care of Team Stinkykiss Shelter Rescue. I have been working with Neo for the last […]

Why Dogs Make Superb Customer Service Employees

During the 25 years of my career in Customer Service, Training, and Management, I learned to communicate effectively with all different types of personalities. I also learned how to resolve problems with the angriest of customers. I have come to realize that each person has their own motives or reasons for their anger, happiness, sadness […]


3 Steps to the Perfect Heel

Teaching your dog to heel can be one of the most difficult skills to teach your dog. It causes frustration and often causes you to question why your dog just won’t get it. Going on a nice walk on a beautiful day becomes a storm of pulling, distractions, and barking. You probably wonder if it’s […]