Large Dog Jumping

How to Correct Jumping - The Quick and Easy Way!

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my clients is that their puppy or dog jumps on people. It can be scary and embarrassing when guests come over. Depending on the dog’s size, it can be quite painful and dangerous too. This is a common…
wolf pack

Dominance, Pack Leader, and Alpha

It seems that every year there are new corporate slang words that are added to the already overloaded list. Some that irritate me the most are “reach out”, “resonate”, “organic”, “empower”, “leverage”. Most of these have…
My dog is destroying everything

Help! My Dog is Destroying Everything!

Lately I’ve heard so many frustrated dog parents complain about destructive chewing and digging. I will admit that it is extremely frustrating. I’ve been through it with one of my dogs. When he was younger, he would dig up sprinkler lines…
Dog Getting Treat

When Can I Stop Rewarding My Dog?

I am frequently asked, “When will my dog mind me without having to give him treats?” That’s actually a really good question! This is how I explain it. In order for your dog to do as you ask, you will not have to give a treat every single…
Your Jumping and Nipping Puppy

Your Jumping and Nipping Puppy

One of the most common problems my clients ask about is their puppy jumping and nipping. If you’ve ever had a young puppy, you know that some of their behaviors can be very frustrating and concerning, especially if your dog is a larger breed.…
July 4th and Your Dog

July 4th and Your Dog - Keep Him Safe. Keep Him Home.

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July the 4th is fast approaching! While this is an exciting time to celebrate with family and friends, every year I hear so many heart wrenching stories of family dogs who have run away during fireworks. This doesn’t have to happen. No matter…