Private dog training allows your dog to learn in their everyday environment and put real world skills into practice. It’s perfect for individuals and families that want one-on-one attention. Private dog training is customizable to fit the needs of your dog and your lifestyle. It’s also a great option for dogs that aren’t ready for public or group activities with other dogs.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to communicate effectively with your dog. Dogs and Humans simply communicate differently. We will teach you how to communicate correctly and effectively with your dog to achieve maximum results. This will allow them to become a happy and well-balanced member of the family.

Dogs are our beloved companions and family members. Our goal is for your dog to surpass what you imagined he or she could be. We believe strictly in positive reinforcement. We do NOT use E-Collars, prong collars or any other device that asserts negative stimulus. Dog training should be a positive and fun bonding experience for you and your dog.

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