Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

(Reward-Based Training using only Positive Scientific Methods)

Prior to requesting information, please review the different types of dogs:

Therapy Dogs

Dogs trained to provide emotional support to OTHER people. Examples are patients in nursing homes, assisted living and medical facilities. Please see our Therapy Dog Program for more information.

Emotional Support Dogs (ESA)

A dog whose presence is comforting to his human. He is NOT required to perform any specific task. ESAs do NOT have the same public access as Service Dogs. However, these dogs should have public access training. We do not currently train ESAs but we can provide you with Public Access Training.

Service Dogs

A dog who is trained to perform a specific task(s) to help their owner with a medical condition. This can be anything from a seeing eye dog to a mobility service dog who helps with physical tasks or a psychiatric service dog who provides help during a panic attack or other psychiatric event.

Our Program

Our Service Dog Training program is force free and uses methods based on scientifically proven training techniques that do not use any aversive tools or methods, such as choke, prong or shock collars. We follow the Minimum Training Standards for Public Access as stated by the IAADP.

This is an owner assisted program. We work with you and your dog to help you achieve your goals. Once you both have successfully completed our program, you will be a certified service dog team.

Our program consists of Public Access and Task Oriented Training. Public Access Training is designed to teach your dog to be comfortable with and ignore heavy distractions while working in public places. Task Oriented Training are specific tasks taught to your dog to mediate your challenges and provide you with a great quality of life.

At each visit, we work with your dog, then you practice while we are there so that we can provide any needed assistance or feedback. At the end of each session, you will have homework to practice daily with your dog.

We accept a limited number of Service Dog clients so that we can provide the attention necessary for success. Please keep in mind that any dog you choose to participate in our program may not be a suitable service dog candidate. 

We require an evaluation of your dog prior to entering our program. If you are starting with a puppy, there is also a chance that your puppy may not be a good fit as a service dog so please be sure that you prepare ahead and make arrangements in the event that occurs.

We currently train only psychiatric and mobility assistance dogs. We require a letter from your physician on letterhead stating that you are in need of a mobility service dog. Psychiatric service dogs require a letter from your mental health professional on letterhead.

Please contact us to find out more about our Service Dog Program or to get started.