Dog Getting Treat

I am frequently asked, “When will my dog mind me without having to give him treats?” That’s actually a really good question! This is how I explain it.

In order for your dog to do as you ask, you will not have to give a treat every single time, but let’s take a look at what we are expecting from a different perspective.

Say you are on vacation. You are in your favorite spot doing your favorite thing – whatever it may be. Your phone rings and it’s work. There is an emergency at the office. You are asked a question that can only be answered by stopping what you’re doing, whipping out your computer and finding the answer. That wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you were just lounging on the couch of the room you were staying but you are sitting on the beach with a cocktail and the ocean breeze blowing ever so perfectly. What you are being asked to do is something that is nowhere near as wonderful as laying on the beach relaxing. You go back to your room, turn on your computer and get the information that is needed to curb this emergency. Now let’s say that you give your office the information and they say “Ok! Bye!” How would that make you feel? If it were me, I would feel like they were very ungrateful! All they needed to do was give me a simple, “Thank you. I know you’re on vacation so I really appreciate your help.”

Chances are when you ask your dog to do something, you are interrupting something that is much more interesting than what you’re asking him to do. If he does as you ask, why wouldn’t you tell him “Thank you”? What’s the best way to tell your dog thank you? With a treat, of course! I always carry treats with me. Do I give them to my dogs every time they do something I ask. Of course not. But I do give them treats when they’ve cooperated with me or handled a particularly stressful situation like a champ. In other words, I don’t take my dogs for granted.

Remember that your relationship with your dog is what you make of it. The stronger your bond, the more obedient your dog will be. Let him know you appreciate him and you will reap the rewards in ways you could never imagine.

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