By choosing virtual training for your dog, you will be able to put skills into practice in your everyday life quicker. Each training package consists of five (5) weekly one (1) hour virtual training sessions done via GoToMeeting. You will learn how to teach your dog by observing methods demonstrated live by your trainer. You will also be able to practice with your dog while the trainer observes. This will insure you are comfortable with your weekly homework and achieve maximum results.

Virtual Training Programs

Basic Life Skills

Basic Life Skills

Learn how to teach your dog “manners” and how you expect them to behave in different situations. Not only will your dog learn skills, but you will learn how to apply them in your daily life and activities.

Custom Dog Training

Our customizable training is perfect for dogs who need a refresher, who have a few basics already under their belt, or who want something that combines various life skills. Together we will create a customized program that works best for you and your dog.

Life Skills for Canines

Life Skills for Puppies

Help your new puppy to be the best he can be through fun and positive learning techniques! Learn how to build a strong bond with your puppy while getting started on the right foot with basic manners that will follow your puppy into adulthood.

Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification training is tailored to each dog’s specific needs. We start with a consultation to discuss the issues your dog is having. Then we create a plan to help you address and fix these issues. Please contact us by phone, email, or our contact form to discuss options and to schedule your consultation.

In-Home Behavior Modification